According to data from Landmark Information Group, 91.5% of properties with a known EPC in the UK could meet the future target of band C or higher.

Landmark’s data reveals that out of the properties that do have a valid EPC, 55% fall below the target of band C or lower, and if all suggested changes recorded in the EPC were made to properties then 91.5% of existing EPCs could meet the target of band C or better. Many recommended changes would be relatively easy to achieve such as switching to low-energy light bulbs, adding wall insulation, installing double-glazed windows, and switching to condensing boilers.

EPC rating

There are however other factors to consider including potential planning constraints, conservation areas and also home owner’s budgets. These all impact the feasibility of achieving the proposed targets. 

As many as 20 million properties (which is 66%of the residential housing stock), could be impacted, according the report’s estimations.

The findings demonstrate that the cost of improving these ratings varies depending on the current rating of each property. According to the Landmark Information Group report, the “average cost of £39,381 to uplift an extremely inefficient property from band G to band C equates to nearly 11% of the average current value of a property.”

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